Wednesday, September 30, 2009

$5 SC Johnson Rebate!

Check out this $5 SC Johnson Rebate good on purchases through July 15, 2010.

Brands include: Ziploc, Glade, Windex, Scrubbing Bubbles, Pledge, Shout, Fantastick, Drano, Raid, Off, Saran, and Nature's Source.

Thanks to Coupons, Deals & More!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters Giveaway

My friend, Dana, of Frugal in Virginia was fortunate enough to receive a two special packs of the Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters, one for herself and one to give away. Here's your chance to win one.

I had the opportunity to try these Granola Nut Clusters a few weeks ago when a FULL-size sample arrived in my mailbox. My husband teases me about the "freebies" which show up each week but he didn't complain about this one. They are delicious! Sweet, salty and crunchy all rolled up into bite size balls of goodness.

In addition to receiving the full-size sample, Nature Valley was kind enough to send along a stack of $1.60/1 coupons for me to share with friends and family.

If you're interested in trying these, be sure to click here to enter Frugal in Virginia's giveaway and if you don't win (I hope I do), drop me a line and I'll forward a coupon or two to you.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Coffee & Chocolate Lovers Giveaway

Check out this giveaway at Surviving the Stores! Perfect for all the coffee & chocolate lovers out there ... like me!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Today's Deals ... $43.23 SPENT & $78.09 saved (CVS, Harris Teeter & C'Ville Market)


TOTAL VALUE: $11.01 - $10.98 in coupons =
TOTAL SPENT: 53 cents (tax was 50 cents!)

3 –Schick ST Twin disposable razor 2pks
4 – Schick Slim Twim disposable razor 2pks
USED 3 - $3Q for any Schick disposable razor (SS 8/16)
2 – Clean & Clear Deep Action Cream Cleanser (trial size)
USED 2 - $1Q for any Clean & Clear product (SS 8/2)


TOTAL VALUE: $95.97 - $66.50 in coupons =

2 – Fruit Rollups 18pk. minis @ $2.00 each (.50/2 SS 9/13)
2 – Welch’s Grape Jelly @ $2.59 each (.75/1 IP)
1 – Dishwasher Magic @ $4.49 ($.55 SS 7/19)
1 – Washer Magic @ $4.49 ($.55 SS 7/19)
1 – Jell-O refrigerated sugar free mousse @ $2.50 ($.60/1 IP)
1 – Jell-O refrigerated Gelatin @ $2.50 ($.60/1 IP)
1 – Chex Mix Bars @ $2.50 ($.50/1 GM 8/9)
2 – Betty Crocker Warm Delights @ $1.67 each ($.50/1 GM 8/19 9/13)
1 – Mahatma Yellow Rice @ $.75 ($.75/1 RP 8/30)
2 – Viva Paper Towels @ $2.55 each ($.85/1 SS 8/16)
2 – Wishbone Dressing @ $1.99 each ($.75/1 RP 8/2)
1 – Chock Full of Nuts Coffee brick 33oz. @ $3.79 ($.75/1 SS 8/30)
2 – Wacky Mac Pasta @ $1.39 each ($.50/1 SS 5/10)
3 – Hillshire Farms 8 oz. cold cuts @ $3.50 each ($.55/1 RP 8/16)
2 – Curad bandages 20 ct. @ $1.99 ($.50/1 SS 6/21 & 7/26)
1 – Tyson Chicken breast tenders @ $2.99 ($.55/1 SS 8/2)
1 – Maruchan Yakisoba Noodles @ $1.19 ($.50/1 SS 8/23)

20 – Meow Mix Select Single Cups Cat Food 2.75 oz. @ BOGO 3 for $2.00 ($1.00/4 RP 8/23) (13 cents each!) (Thanks, MadameDeals for this one!)

1 – Phillips 4pk night light bulbs @ $2.99
1 – Harris Teeter 2% milk gallon @ $2.39

I received a catalina with a mail-in-certificate at checkout for a FREE insulated lunch tote ($10 value) with the purchase of three Hillshire Farms Deli Select Ultra Thin Lunchmeats good on purchases from August 3-October 15th). Once I scrutinized my receipt (something every couponer should do), I noticed an additional $3.00 off was taken at the register with the Hillshire Farms purchase. There was probably a tag on the shelf letting me know about this deal but I must have breezed right by it.


TOTAL VALUE: $14.34 - 10% DISCOUNT of $1.43 =

3 – Gala apples ($.80)
3 – nectarines ($1.01)
1 – iceberg lettuce ($.99 vs. $1.79 at Food Lion)
1 – lime ($.25)
1 – lemon ($.25)
1 – garlic bulb ($.32)
1 – red onion ($.50)
1 – container baby spinach ($1.62)
1 – container spring mix ($1.02)
1 lb. asparagus ($3.26)
.63 lb. sugar snap peas ($2.07)
1 package peanut brittle ($2.23)(not pictured)

Our last stop was C’ville Market. If you are in town (Charlottesville), it’s worth your time to make a stop at C’ville Market for your produce. The prices are great and the produce is fresh. The quality of the produce at my usual grocery store, Food Lion, is generally not very good and the prices tend to be high. We try to get to the local farmer’s market and/or C’ville Market every few weeks to stock up on good quality, low priced produce.

Imagine my surprise when the cashier gave us the Wednesday 10% senior discount. I’m assuming it applies to customers over 50 years old. I have to admit I enjoyed teasing my husband, Mike, about how it must have been his age which afforded us this discount on already well-priced produce. By the way, I still have a few years (not many, though) before I’ll qualify for this discount!

Today’s bonus was spending some time with Mike and enjoying a nice lunch at Panera Bread. Mike is incredibly patient as we go through the stores, pushing the cart, locating and reaching items on high shelves (I’m only 5’1”), encouraging me with choruses of “stick to the list,” and then loading all of it in the car.

It's very humbling after these shopping runs to add up the savings and to realize, even in these economic times, that we have been able to maintain a fully stocked pantry, freezer and fridge and still donate a portion of what we have to help those who are not so fortunate. I just hope that posting these deals will help someone else to do the same.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Goody's Ouchless Giveaway at Amy Love's It

Head over to Amy Love's It for a chance to win a Goody's Ouchless hair accessories pack. These are my favorites!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Coupon Binder Giveaway

CLICK HERE to enter Madame Deals' contest for one of their fabulous coupon binders. There are four ways to enter on a DAILY basis. Contest ends Saturday, September 12th at 10pm.