Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Food Lion - August 3rd

My trip to Food Lion yesterday netted $111.30 in groceries for $56.39. If you take tax into account, it was finally a 50% savings. Most weeks, I average about 35-40% because Food Lion doesn’t double any coupons.

My best deal was the John Morrell lunchmeat tubs (9oz.) at BOGO for $3.99. I had two BOGO coupons thanks to Freebies for Mom and ended up paying 18 cents for four tubs of decent lunchmeat. Food Lion also had the 10 packs of BIC ballpoint pens on sale for $1. I had four IP Qs for $1/1 Bic ballpoint or gel pen and picked up four packs for FREE. The Food Lion $1/Q for Home 360 items and Food Lion 1/Q for Healthy Accents products have come in very handy. My husband uses a lot of business size envelopes and I have been picking them up on each trip for $.49. All in all, it was a fruitful trip.